Thunderbird Show Park

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Up next - Tbird Fall Finale - 1.20m+ Jumpers EC Gold Rated. All other rings will run as Rendezvous.

Also excited to announce two more jumper shows, our EC Gold Harvest Premier, Oct 9th to 11th and offering 1.10m - 1.40m jumpers. The FEI Harvest Welcome CSI2* October 14th to 18th. 

$180,500 Prize money! Offering 1.20m to 1.45m.

Featuring a $20,000 U25 Division and $73,000 ATCO Cup Grand Prix 1.45m

Please note that all horses require either a current FEI passport or a current National Passport, with up to date vaccinations recorded




We are currently not open to the public.

For all participants, please follow our covid protocal which can be located on our website (